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Given that freelance editorial work is so often a solitary occupation, editors (and proofreaders!) grab every chance they can to connect with people who share the same interests and preoccupations. Just like, er, most other people, no?

And given that we are word people, it follows that we often connect via writing and reading blogs.

Over the years, it’s inevitable that we gather about ourselves our favourite bloggers in our field (editorial or whatever it may be). And there are so very many bloggers around, it’s hard to filter out the noise. I tend to read blog posts relating to freelance business and the nitty-gritty of editing, particularly in the nonfiction sphere, as that’s my bailiwick. So here are a few of my favourite blogs (most assuredly in no particular order).

Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading

By editors, for editors. I write for this one myself, every now and again, either independently or as a member of the CIEP’s Parliament of Wise Owls. But while it’s highly industry-focused (obviously) it does focus on the copyediting and proofreading side of things, commensurate with the Institute’s aims.

If you can’t get enough of my blathering, you can find a full list of what I’ve posted there on my resources page.


IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed, is the UK organisation for the self-employed in all fields, so its blog has a business focus. But it’s strong on freelancer well-being, too. It’s always worth checking out the latest posts.

Publishing Training Centre

While this isn’t the most active of blogs, it’s always worth checking the latest content – it’s going to be relevant to editors and proofreaders.

Crystal Shelley | Rabbit with a Red Pen

Crystal is the doyenne of inclusive language and sensitive editing, and many of her blog posts reflect that. She’s a wonderful resource for this important, yet still often under-appreciated, skill. Do read her.

Liz Dalby | Responsive Editing

Liz’s posts are always so insightful about the (inner) life of the freelance editor. Every one is a wonderful, thought-provoking read.

Hazel Bird | Wordstitch Editorial

Another real favourite, Hazel’s blog is full of sage advice for the freelance editor and project manager. I’m always happy when her latest article pops up in my inbox.

Lisa Cordaro | Lisa Cordaro Publishing Services

Lisa always has something thoughtful and helpful to say, reflecting her wide range of experience.

Melanie Thompson | Technical Communications

Melanie’s occasional blog is well worth mining for lovely little gems.

Sophie Playle | Liminal Pages

Sophie is the sole fiction-editor entry on this list. But I enjoy reading what she has to say, and it’s a glimpse for me into a whole other editorial world when she writes about her work with fiction, but she also writes about the business end of the freelance life.

Erin Brenner | Right Touch Editing

Erin blogs weekly, covering a wide range of topics editorial. There’s always good stuff to be found.

Helen Stevens | Saltaire Editorial Services

Helen blogs only occasionally, but each post is a treat and well worth your time to read.

Mignon Fogarty |Grammar Girl

Mignon is known to many for her delvings into grammar. She has a US bent, of course, but what nonfiction editor these days doesn’t end up editing in a variety of Englishes? It’s always good to keep up to date with the nuances of US English.

Carol Saller | The Subversive Copy Editor

Although Carol is now retired from the University of Chicago Press, she continues to blog and share her know-how with the rest of us. I was lucky enough to hear her speak and to meet her (briefly!) at a CIEP conference a few years ago.

Lynne Murphy | Separated by a Common Language

Lynne, the ‘American linguist in the UK’ blogs on, not surprisingly, the difference in language use in the two Englishes, but even more usefully, the fake differences. Things we think are one or the other often turn out to be the wrong way round. Very useful for editors who work in both Englishes, as I do. Her after-dinner talk to a CIEP conference a few years ago was a delight.

ACES blog

ACES is the American copyeditors’ society, and publishes a frequent blog – almost daily – on what you might expect (they sometimes even let Brits write for them!)

An American Editor

This blog has been running since 2010, and is now owned by Ruth Thaler-Carter, who took over from the founder, Rich Adin. There’s always something of interest here – the business of the freelance editor, fiction editing, macros and technical tips and tools, handling transliterated Arabic (something I’ve found particularly useful) and much else besides.

Malini Devadas | Edit Boost

Speaking of the business end of the freelance life, surely Malini is the go-to for encouraging editors and proofreaders to stretch their business goals. She doesn’t blog per se, but her podcasts are a blog of sorts, so I’m including her in my list. It’s my list, so I can!

David Crystal

I almost didn’t include this one, as Professor Crystal no longer keeps it updated, but a rummage through the archives always turns up a gem or three. Again, I’ve had the huge pleasure of hearing Professor Crystal speak at various CIEP conferences (he’s our honorary president).

An apology and a hope

There are so many more blogs about editing, freelancing and language out there that it feels insidious to pick out just a few, omitting so many. But these are the ones I have bookmarked and/or subscribe to. If any are new to you, I hope you enjoy them! Why not pop your own favourites in the comments? What should I be reading that I’m missing out on?

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