• I specialise in copyediting scholarly humanities and social sciences texts.
  • Although I work primarily with publishers and pre-press companies, I do occasionally work with authors prior to seeking a publisher, whether that’s for a book or an article.
  • UK or US English: I work in both, in roughly equal proportions. I can also localise US text to UK English.
  • If you have a target publisher in mind, I can edit to their style guide, if you’ll provide it.
  • Get in touch to discuss your project!

Pricing is always tricky

Until I know the condition of the manuscript, its length and complexity, and what work you want done, no price can be given. Contact me to open up the discussion:

If you’ve no idea what copyediting costs, see the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading’s suggested minimum rates for a guide, but do bear in mind that I’m an Advanced Professional Member.


If you’re a student, looking for someone to work on your essay, thesis or dissertation, then I’m afraid you should look elsewhere. I don’t work on text that is going to be marked.

Many thanks for your attention to detail and your good humour throughout the process.

Thanks, too, for the word list – I haven’t seen one of those before!
Dr Lisa Webley SFHEA
Professor of Empirical Legal Studies, Westminster Law School, University of Westminster, author of Legal Writing (4th edition, Routledge, 2016).

You are one of the most professional and cheery copyeditors I’ve ever worked with

and it makes me feel like our book is in the best of hands.
Prof. Christoph Lindner
Professor of Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and volume co-editor of Global Garbage (Routledge, 2016)