• I specialise in copyediting scholarly humanities and social sciences texts.
  • Although I work primarily with publishers and pre-press companies, I do occasionally work with authors prior to seeking a publisher, whether that’s for a book or an article.
  • UK or US English: I work in both, in roughly equal proportions. I can also localise US text to UK English.
  • If you have a target publisher in mind, I can edit to their style guide, if you’ll provide it.
  • Get in touch to discuss your project!

Pricing is always tricky

Until I know the condition of the manuscript, its length and complexity, and what work you want done, no price can be given. Contact me to open up the discussion:

If you’ve no idea what copyediting costs, see the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading’s suggested minimum rates for a guide, but do bear in mind that I’m an Advanced Professional Member.


If you’re a student, looking for someone to work on your essay, thesis or dissertation, then I’m afraid you should look elsewhere. I don’t work on text that is going to be marked.