Publishers & pre-press

Are you a publisher or pre-press company (book packager) looking for a copyeditor?

Then you are definitely in the right place:

  • I specialise in copyediting scholarly humanities and social sciences titles.
  • I’ve copyedited some 200 scholarly books and 250 journal articles (23.7 million words, if anyone’s counting).
  • I’m equally happy editing UK or US English.
  • Styles, tags or your own template – any is fine.
  • Bibliographies and footnotes are my bread and butter.
  • Contributed volume? The more the merrier!
  • I enjoy working directly with authors to resolve queries and supply files that are ready to typeset,
  • or you may prefer me to document the queries and let you take over from there.
  • Get in touch to discuss your project!

I’ve worked with a range of publishers and pre-press companies. Imprints past and present include:

  • Bloomsbury, including Academic, Visual Arts, Arden, Business, Fairchild, IB Tauris, Methuen Drama
  • Bristol University Press, including Policy Press, Longitudinal and Life Course Studies journal
  • LID Publishing and LID Business
  • Taylor & Francis, including Routledge, Earthscan, Shakespeare journal, Psychology Press, Spon
  • And a few others, including one large intergovernmental organisation that I can’t name for contractual reasons. You’d definitely recognise the name, though.

It’s not a long list, because I do so much repeat work. But it’s always nice to get out and meet new people, don’t you think?


I’m sure you have a budget in mind, but I’ll assess the job on receipt and let you know whether it can be done for your preferred figure, or whether I foresee complexities and difficulties. Email me at: to start a discussion.