It’s often helpful to see the kind of material a copyeditor has experience of. That way you can see whether I’m a good fit for you. Here’s my portfolio – a selection of the books I’ve copyedited over the years. Only works already published are listed, to avoid messing up the publicity schedule for forthcoming books. I don’t think that would make me popular!

ArtAncient Violence in the Modern ImaginationIrene Berti, Maria G. Castello and Carla Scilabra (eds)2020Bloomsbury Academic
ArtCivic Aesthetics: Militarism, Israeli Art and Visual CultureNoa Roei2016Bloomsbury Academic
ArtCrafting AnatomiesKatherine Townsend, Rhian Solomon and Amanda Briggs-Goode (eds)2020Bloomsbury Visual Arts
ArtDismantling the Patriarchy, Bit by Bit: Art, Feminism, and Digital TechnologyJudith K Brodsky2021Bloomsbury Visual Arts
ArtFilm Festivals: History, Theory, Method, PracticeMarijke de Valck, Brendan Kredell and Skadi Loist (eds)2016Routledge
ArtImaging PilgrimageKathryn R Barush2021 Bloomsbury Visual Arts
ArtLibraries of Light: British Public Library Design in the Long 1960sAlistair Black2016Routledge
ArtSacred Architecture in a Secular AgeMarie Clausén2016Routledge
ArtThe Language of Film Rob Edgar, John Marland and Steven Rawle2015Bloomsbury/Fairchild UK
ArtThe Poetry of Radio: The Colour of Sound Seán Street2012Routledge
ArtThe Prop Building Guidebook 2eEric Hart2017Routledge
ArtThe Routledge Companion to Remix Studies Eduardo Navas, Owen Gallagher and xtine burrough (eds)2015Routledge
ArtTroy on DisplayAbigail Baker2019IB Tauris
ClassicsMagic in Ancient Greece and RomeLindsay C. Watson2019IB Tauris
DramaA Cultural History of Theatre Series: Vol: In the Age of Enlightenment Mechele Leon (ed.)2017Bloomsbury Academic
DramaCostume in PerformanceDonatella Barbieri 2017Bloomsbury Academic
DramaIrish Drama and Theatre Since 1950Patrick Lonergan 2019Methuen Drama
DramaMuch Ado About Nothing – A Critical ReaderDeborah Cartmell and Peter J. Smith (eds)2018Bloomsbury Arden
DramaShakespeare and Early Modern DramaPamela Bickley and Jenny Stevens2016Bloomsbury Arden
DramaShakespeare: Actors and AudiencesFiona Banks2019Bloomsbury Arden
EconomicsBanking Systems in the Crisis: The Faces of Liberal CapitalismSuzanne J Konzelmann and Marc Fovargue-Davies (eds)2012Routledge
EconomicsBehavioural Economics and Business Ethics: Interrelations and ApplicationsAlexander Rajko2011Routledge
EconomicsCapitalism and the World EconomyToshiaki Hirai (ed.)2015Routledge
EconomicsEconomic Theory and Social Change Hasse Ekstedt and Angelo Fusari2010Routledge
EconomicsEconomics and Regulation in China (The Economics of Legal Relationships)Michael Faure and Guangdong Xu (eds)2013Routledge
EconomicsFoundations of Evolutionary Institutional Economics: Generic InstitutionalismManuel Scholz-Wäckerle2013Routledge
EconomicsIdeas and Economic Crises in Britain from Attlee to Blair (1945-2005)Matthias Matthijs2010Routledge
EconomicsInternationalization, Technological Change and the Theory of the Firm Nicola Di Liso and Riccardo Leoncini (eds) 2010Routledge
EconomicsMoney and Banking in Jean-Baptiste Say’s Economic Thought Gilles Jacoud2012Routledge
EconomicsPolitical Economy, Public Policy and Monetary Economics Richard M Ebeling2009Routledge
EconomicsThe Economic History of Organized Crime Dennis MP McCarthy2011Routledge
EconomicsThe Ethics and Politics of Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis Karine Nyborg2012Routledge
EconomicsThe Making of Modern Finance: Liberal Governance and the Gold Standard (RIPE Series in Global Political Economy)Samuel Knafo2013Routledge
EducationCritical Literacies and Young Learners Ken Winograd (ed.)2014Routledge
EducationCross-Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School: English David Stevens2010Routledge
EducationCross-Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School: Mathematics Robert Ward-Penny2010Routledge
EducationCross-Curricular Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School: The Arts Martin Fautley and Jonathan Savage2010Routledge
EducationDebates in Modern Languages Education (Debates in Subject Teaching)Patricia Driscoll, Ernesto Macaro and Ann Swarbrick (eds)2013Routledge
EducationDoing Applied Linguistics: A Guide for StudentsNicholas Groom and Jeannette Littlemore2011Routledge
EducationEducation Reform and Social Class in Japan Takehiko Kariya2012Routledge
EducationExploring Vocabulary: Language in Action (Routledge Introductions to Applied Linguistics)Dee Garnder2013Routledge
EducationHandbook of Research on Special Education Teach Preparation Paul T. Sindelar, Erica D. McCray, Mary T. Brownell and Benjamin Lignugaris/Kraft (eds)2014Routledge
EducationHigher Education Choice in China Xiaoming Sheng2014Routledge
EducationRoutledge Handbook of LinguisticsKeith Allan (ed.)2015Routledge
EducationRoutledge Handbook of Literacy Studies Jennifer Rowsell and Kate Pahl (eds)2015Routledge
EducationStimulating Emerging Story Writing! Inspiring Children Aged 3-7Simon Brownhill2015Routledge
EducationStimulating Story Writing! Inspiring Children Aged  7-11Simon Brownhill2015Routledge
EducationThe Decentring of the Traditional University Russell Francis2010Routledge
EducationThe Language, Society and Power Reader Annabelle Mooney, Jean Stilwell Peccei, Suzanne LaBelle, Berit Engøy Henrikson, Eva Eppler, Anthea Irwin, Pai Pichler and Satori Soden (eds)2011Routledge
EducationThe Routledge Handbook of Sports Coaching Paul Potrac, Wade Gilbert and Jim Denison (eds)2012Routledge
EducationUnderstanding Educational Leadership: Critical Perspectives and ApproachesSteven J Courtney, Helen M Gunter, Richard Niesche and Tina Trugillo (eds)2021Bloomsbury Academic
EducationWriting in Social Spaces Rowena Murray2014Routledge
EducationYoung Children Learning Through Schemas Katey Mairs and the Pen Green Team, ed. Cath Arnold2012Routledge
GeographyChina’s International Transboundary RiversLei Xie and Jia Shaofeng2017Routledge
GeographyCities, Regions and Flows Peter V. Hall and Markus Hesse (eds)2012Routledge
GeographyClimate Risk and Resilience in ChinaRebecca Nadin, Sarah Opitz-Stapleton and Xu Yinlong (eds)2015Earthscan
GeographyCulinary Nationalism in AsiaMichelle T. King (ed.)2019Bloomsbury Academic
GeographyGeofusion: The Power of Geography and the Mapping of the 21st CenturyNorbert Csizmadia 2019LID Publishing
GeographyGlobal GarbageChristoph Lindner and Miriam Meissner (eds)2015Routledge
GeographyGlobal Planet Authority: How we’re about to save the biosphereAngus Forbes2019LID Publishing
GeographyPhysical Geography: The Basics Joseph Holden2011Routledge
GeographyPlanning and Conflict: Critical Perspectives on Contentious Urban DevelopmentsEnrico Gualini (ed.)2015Routledge
GeographyPost-2020 Climate Change Regime Formation (Routledge Advances in Climate Change Research)Suh-Yong Chung (ed.)2013Routledge
GeographyThe City in China: New Perspectives on Contemporary UrbanismRay Forrest, Julie Wen and Bart Wessink (eds)2019Bristol University Press
GeographyThe Economic Geography of Air Transportation John T Bowen2010Routledge
GeographyThe Idea of Good Governance and the Politics of the Global SouthHaroon Khan2015Routledge
GeographyThe Nile: A New History of the World’s Greatest RiverTerje Tvedt2021IB Tauris
GeographyThe Social Dynamics of Carbon Capture Storage: Understanding CCS Representations, Governance and Innovation (Earthscan Science in Society Series)Nils Markusson, Simon Shackley and Benjamin Evar (eds)2012Routledge
GeographyTransformation of Resources Towns and PeripheriesGreg Halseth (ed.)2016Routledge
GeographyWater for Food in a Changing World Alberto Garrido and Helen Ingram (eds)2011Routledge
GeographyWater Governance, Policy and Knowledge Transfer: International Studies on Contextual Water Management (Earthscan Studies in Water Resource Management)Cheryl De Boer, Joanne Vinke-de Kruijf, Gül Özerol and Hans Th. A. Bressers2013Earthscan
HealthBody Composition in Sport, Exercise and Health Arthur D Stewart and Laura Sutton (eds)2012Routledge
HealthFetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Interdisciplinary PerspectivesBarry Carpenter OBE, Carolyn Blackburn and Jo Egerton (eds)2013Routledge
HealthMedical Marginality in South Asia David Hardiman and Projit Bihari Mukharji (eds)2012Routledge
HealthRoutledge Handbook of Clinical Supervision John R Cutliffe, Kristiina Hyrkas and John Fowler (eds)2010Routledge
HealthTrauma-Informed Care: How neuroscience influences practice (Explorations in Mental Health)Amanda Evans and Patricia Coccoma2014Routledge
HealthWellness Tourism: A Destination Perspective (Routledge Advances in Tourism)Cornelia Voigt and Christof Pforr (eds) 2013Routledge
HistoryA Cultural History of Medicine Series: Vol: In the RenaissanceElaine Leong and Claudia Stein (eds)2021Bloomsbury Academic
HistoryA Cultural History of the Emotions in the Medieval AgeJuanita Feros Ruys and Clare Monagle (eds) (one vol of a 6-part slipcased set)2019Bloomsbury Academic
HistoryA History of British Elections Since 1689 Chris Cook and John Stevenson2014Routledge
HistoryAmerica, the UN and Decolonisation: Cold War Conflict in the CongoJohn Kent2010Routledge
HistoryBritain’s Zealots, Volume I: Tradition, Empire and the Forging of the Conservative RightN.C. Fleming2018Bloomsbury Academic
HistoryIrish Scholarly Presence at St GallSven Meeder2018Bloomsbury Academic
HistoryJapan and the High Treason Incident (Routledge Contemporary Japan Series)Masako Gavin and Ben Middleton2013Routledge
HistoryMainstreaming the HeadscarfEsra Özcan 2019IB Tauris
HistoryMemory and Conflict in Lebanon Craig Larkin2012Routledge
HistoryNeo-Tories: The Revolt of British Conservatives Against Democracy and Political Modernity (1929-1939)Bernhard Dietz 2018Bloomsbury Academic
HistoryReparations for Slavery and the Slave TradeAna Lucia Araujo2017Bloomsbury Academic
HistoryThe Emergence of the Gulf StatesJE Peterson  (ed.)2016Bloomsbury Academic
HistoryThe Origins of the US War on Terror Mattia Toaldo2012Routledge
HistoryThe Vernaculars of Communism: Language, Ideology and Power in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe Petre Petrov and Lara Ryazanova-Clarke (eds)2014Routledge
HistoryTurkish Language, Literature and History: Travelers’ Tales, Sultans, and Scholars Since the Eighth CenturyBill Hickman and Gary Leisner (eds)2015Routledge
International RelationsCivilians and Modern War: Armed Conflict and the Ideology of ViolenceDaniel Rothbart, Karina Korostelina and Mohammed Cherkaoui (eds)2012Routledge
International RelationsFederalism, Plurinationality and Democratic Constitutionalism: Theory and CasesFerran Requejo and Miquel Caminal (eds) 2011Routledge
International RelationsGlobalization and Public Sector Reform in China Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard2014Routledge
International RelationsInternational Case Studies of Terrorist RehabilitationRohan Gunaratna and Sabariah Hussin (eds)2018Routledge
International RelationsPeacebuilding and International Administration: The Cases of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo (Routledge Advances in International Relations and Global Politics)Niels van Willigen2013Routledge
International RelationsReconciliation after Terrorism: Strategy, Possibility or Absurdity?Judith Renner and Alexander Spencer (eds) 2011Routledge
IslamClassical Islam Norman Calder, Jawid Mojaddedi and Andrew Rippin (trans and eds)2012Routledge
IslamIslam and China’s Hong Kong: Ethnic Identity, Muslim Networks and the New Silk Road (Routledge Contemporary China Series)Wai-Yip Ho2013Routledge
IslamIslam and the Politics of Secularism Nurullah Ardic2012Routledge
IslamIslam: The Basics, 2nd ed. Colin Turner2011Routledge
IslamIslamist Radicalisation in Europe Daniela Pisoiu2011Routledge
IslamQur’anic HermeneuticsAbdulla Galadari2018Bloomsbury Academic
LawBourne on Company Law 7eNicholas Bourne2016Routledge
LawEquity and TrustsJudith Riches2016Routledge
LawLand LawRebecca Kelly and Emma Hatfield2017Routledge
LawLegal Writing 4eLisa Webley2016Routledge
LawNaked Banking: The Truth About Banks and YouStephen Hogg, Paul Riseborough and Karolina Morys2017LID Publishing
LawSuccession, Wills and Probate 3eCaroline Sawyer and Miriam Spiro2015Routledge
ManagementAdventure Tourism: Meanings, experience and learning (Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobility)Steve Taylor, Peter Varley and Tony Johnston (eds)2013Routledge
ManagementAdventurers: Huawei Stories 4Tian Tao2020LID Business Media
ManagementBeing: The Six Principles for Leading in an Age of Fast ChangeBen Renshaw2020LID Publishing
ManagementBusiness Models and People Management in the Indian IT Industry Ashish Malik and Chris Rowley (eds)2015Routledge
ManagementContemporary Sport MarketingJames J. Zhang and Brenda G. Pitts (eds)2017Routledge
ManagementCorporate Social Responsibility in India Bidyut Chakrabarty2011Routledge
ManagementEvent Portfolio Planning and Management: A Holistic Approach (Routledge Advances in Event Research Series)Vassilios Ziakas 2013Routledge
ManagementFashion Retailing: A Multi-Channel Approach 3rd edition Ellen Diamond, Jay Diamond and Sherri Litt Diamond (eds)2015Bloomsbury/Fairchild US
ManagementGlobal Strategies in Retailing: Asian and European Experiences (Routledge Studies in International Business and the World Economy)John Dawson and Masao Mukoyama (eds)2013Routledge
ManagementInfluenceSara McCorquodale2019Bloomsbury Business
ManagementInfrastructure Delivery Planning: An Effective Practice ApproachJanice Morphet2016Policy Press
ManagementInternational Approaches to Real Estate Development Graham Squires and Erwin Heurkens (eds)2014Routledge
ManagementOrganization Management in Construction Paul S Chinowsky and Anthony D Songer (eds)2011Routledge
ManagementPeter Drucker’s Way to the TopWilliam A. Cohen2018LID Publishing
ManagementSport Management: Principles and Applications 3eRussell Hoye, Aaron CT Smith, Matthew Nicholson, Bob Stewart and Hans Westerbeek2012Routledge
ManagementSuper StructuredDavid Stiernholm 2017LID Publishing
ManagementWorkforce Development and Skill Formation in Asia (Routledge Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia)John Benson, Howard Gospel and Ying Zhu (eds)2013Routledge
PhilosophyAesthetics: A Reader in Philosophy of the Arts, 4eDavid Goldblatt, Lee B. Brown and Stephanie Patridge (eds)2017Routledge
PhilosophyAnother FinitudeAgata Bielik-Robson2019Bloomsbury Academic
PhilosophyBion’s Sources: The Shaping of His ParadigmsNuno Torres and R.D. Hinshelwood (eds)2013Routledge
PhilosophyEarly Modern Aristotelianism and the Making of Philosophical DisciplinesDanilo Facca2020Bloomsbury Academic
PhilosophyStanley Cavell and Literary Studies: Consequences of SkepticismRichard Eldridge and Bernard Rhie (eds)2011Continuum, New York
PhilosophyThe Art of Living Well: Moral Experience and Virtue EthicsPaul van Tongeren, trans. Thomas Heij2020Bloomsbury Academic
PhilosophyThe History of Ancient Chinese Economic Thought Cheng Lin, Terry Peach and Wang Fang (eds)2014Routledge
PhilosophyThe Ideas of Ronald H Coase Lawrence WC Lai2011Routledge
PoliticsCoalition Government and Party Mandate Catherine Moury2012Routledge
PoliticsCritical Terrorism Studies Richard Jackson, Marie Breen Smith and Jeroen Gunning (eds)2009Routledge
PoliticsFinancial Globalization and Regionalism in East Asia (Routledge Studies in the Modern World Economy)Takuji Kinkyo and Yoichi Matsubayashi2013Routledge
PoliticsGoverning by Inspection Sotiria Grek and Joakim Lindgren (eds)2014Routledge
PoliticsMinority Rights in Central and Eastern Europe Bernd Rechel (ed.)2008Routledge
PoliticsNational and European Foreign Policy Reuben Wong and Christopher Hill (eds)2011Routledge
PoliticsParty Government in the New Europe Hans Keman and Ferdinand Muller-Rommel (eds)2012Routledge
PoliticsPolitical Leadership, Parties and Citizens Jean Blondel and Jean-Louis Thiebault (eds)2009Routledge
PoliticsRace and Ethnicity: The Basics Peter Kivisto and Paul R Croll (eds)2011Routledge
PoliticsRadicalisation and the Media Akil N Awan, Andrew Hoskins and Ben O’Laughlin2011Routledge
PoliticsReligious Actors in the Public Sphere Jeff Haynes and Anja Hennig (eds)2011Routledge
PoliticsResistance, Revolution and FascismAnthony Faramelli2018Bloomsbury Academic
PoliticsThe Affordable Housing Reader J. Rosie Tighe and Elizabeth J. Mueller (eds)2012Routledge
PoliticsThe New TechnocracyAnders Esmark2020Bristol University Press
PoliticsThe Routledge Handbook of Civil Wars Edward Newman and Karl DeRouen Jr.2014Routledge
PoliticsThe Selection of Political Party Leaders in Contemporary Parliamentary Democracies: A Comparative Study (Routledge Research on Social and Political Elites)Jean-Benoit Pilet and William P. Cross (eds)2013Routledge
PsychologyIt’s My Life Now 3eMeg Kennedy Dugan and Roger R. Hock2018Routledge
PsychologyPsychology After Discourse Analysis: Concepts, methods, critique (Psychology After Critique)Ian Parker2014Psychology Press
PsychologyPsychology After the Crisis: Scientific paradigms and political debate (Psychology After Critique)Ian Parker2014Psychology Press
PsychologyPsychology After the Unconscious: From Freud to Lacan (Psychology After Critique)Ian Parker2014Psychology Press
PsychologyWrestling with Destiny: The Promise of PsychoanalysisLucy Holmes2013Routledge
ResearchBeginning Interpretive Inquiry: A Step-by-Step Approach to Research and EvaluationRichard E Morehouse2011Routledge
ResearchHandbook of Media and Communication Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies Klaus Bruhn Jensen2011Routledge
ResearchNaturalizing Critical Realist Social Ontology (Ontological Explorations)Tuukka Kaidesoja2013Routledge
ResearchProposing Empirical Research, 6eMildred L Patten and Melisa C Galvan2019Routledge
Social scienceA New Health and Care SystemAlex Fox2018Policy Press
Social scienceAssessing Prostitution Policies in EuropeSynnøve Økland Jahnsen and Hendrik Wagenaar (eds) 2017Routledge
Social scienceChildren and Young People’s Worlds 2eHeather Montgomery and Martin Robb (eds)2018Policy Press
Social scienceChinese Complaint Systems: Natural Resistance (Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Asia)Qiang Fang2013Routledge
Social scienceCivil Society Through the LifecourseSally Power (ed.)2020Policy Press
Social scienceErrors and Mistakes in Child Protection: International Discourses, Approaches and StrategiesKay Biesel, Judith Masson, Nigel Parton and Tarja Pösö (eds)2020Policy Press
Social scienceEthics, Equity and Community DevelopmentSarah Banks and Peter Westoby (eds)2019Policy Press
Social scienceFunding, Power and Community DevelopmentNiamh McCrea and Fergal Finnegan (eds)2018Policy Press
Social scienceIntergenerational Space Robert Vanderbeck and Nancy Worth (eds)2014Routledge
Social scienceIrish Social PolicyFiona Dukelow and Mairéad Considine2017Policy Press
Social scienceMapping Applied Linguistics 2eChristopher J. Hall, Patrick H. Smith and Rachel Wicaksono2017Routledge
Social scienceMapping Good Work: The Quality of Working Life Across the Occupational StructureMark Williams, Ying Zhou and Min Zou2020Bristol University Press
Social scienceParenting in Global Perspective: Negotiating Ideologies of Kinship, Self and Politics (Relationships and Resources)Charlotte Faircloth, Diane M. Hoffman  and Linda L. Layne 2013Routledge
Social scienceRadical Religion and ViolenceJeffrey Kaplan2015Routledge
Social scienceThe Adult Safeguarding Practice HandbookKate Spreadbury and Rachel Hubbard2020Policy Press
Social scienceThe Next Welfare State? UK Welfare After COVID-19Christopher Pierson2021Policy Press
Social scienceThe Outlaw Biker Legacy of ViolenceThomas Barker2018Routledge
Social scienceThe Publishing Business: A Guide to Starting Out and Getting On, 2eKelvin Smith and Melanie Ramdarshan Bold2018Bloomsbury Visual Arts
Social scienceThe Sexual MurdererEric Beauregard and Melissa Martineau2016Routledge
Social scienceYoung, Muslim and CriminalMohammed Qasim2018Policy Press
SustainabilityDesigning Zero Carbon Buildings, 2eLjubomir Jankovic 2017Routledge
SustainabilityMobility and Locative Media: Mobile Communication in Hybrid Spaces Adriana de Souza e Silva and Mimi Sheller (eds)2014Routledge
SustainabilityModelling for Coastal Hydraulics and EngineeringKW Chau2010Spon
SustainabilityNatural Disaster and Nuclear Crisis in Japan: Response and Recovery after Japan’s 3/11 (Nissan Institute/Routledge Japanese Studies)Jeff Kingston (ed.)2012Routledge
SustainabilityPiles and Pile Foundations Carlo Viggiani, Alessandro Mandolini and Gianpiero Russo (eds)2011Spon
SustainabilityPreference Data for Environmental Valuation John Whitehead, Tim Haab and Ju-Chin Huang (eds)2011Routledge
SustainabilityRoutledge Handbook of Urban EcologyIan Douglas, David Goode, Mike Houck and Rusong Wang (eds)2010Routledge
SustainabilitySustainable Development: Capabilites, Needs, and Well-BeingFelix Rauschmeyer, Ines Omann and Johannes Frühmann (eds)2010Routledge
SustainabilitySustainable Energy Klaus D John and Dirk Rübbelke (eds)2010Routledge
Well-beingElemental Change: Making Stuff Happen When Nothing Stands Still Neil Usher2020LID Publishing
Well-beingNot DoingDiana Renner and Steven D’Souza2018LID Publishing
Well-beingPositive Thinking: How to Create a World Full of PossibilitiesNeil Francis2019LID Publishing
Well-beingThe Mindbrain and DreamsMark J Blechner2018Routledge
Well-beingThe Zone of Connection: Shift Your Energy to Happiness, Love, and BeyondPenny Mallinson and Sue Coyne2019LID Publishing