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If you’re an author who is about to hand in your manuscript for publication, here are a couple of ways you can try to outwit your copyeditor and reduce the number of queries you’ll receive. It’s especially important if you anticipate a delay in publication, as you’ll avoid having to dig into too many old nooks and crannies.

PDF Infographic The 5 kinds of editing

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Going Solo: How to create your freelance editorial business

I wrote this guide for the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, and the second edition, fully revised, was published in February 2021 (the first edition came out in 2016). For CIEP members, there’s an accompanying toolkit in the members’ area of the CIEP website, which can be accessed without buying the guide.

Anyone can buy the guide, although members get the PDF version free of charge!

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Flying Solo blogs

In addition to my own blog, and to accompany the Going Solo guide, since February 2021, I’ve been blogging for the CIEP on related matters.

Flying Solo 5, October 2021: The environment – a matter of give and take

Flying Solo 4, August 2021: Unlocking HMRC

Flying Solo 3, June 2021: Using your records to price jobs and make business decisions

Flying Solo 2, April, 2021: Customer service: being people-centric

Flying Solo 1, February 2021: Turn hindsight into foresight with checklists

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Other guest blogs

Goodness, I’m chatty! I’ve produced several other blog posts for the CIEP, and a couple for BookMachine plus one on raising author queries for ACES, the US editors’ association:

Author queries for the nonfiction editor: How to raise ’em and how to phrase ’em (17 November 2021)
Wise owls: where do your clients find you? (11 August 2021)
Wise owls: how long does it take to edit something? (28 April 2021)
Wise owls: should you make your prices public? (17 February 2021)
Wise owls: references and citations (25 November 2020)
Wise owls: dialects (23 September 2020)
Wise owls: pandemic preparation (3 June 2020)
Wise owls: managing money (20 March 2020)A
Wise owls: how I found my first client (22 January 2020)
Wise owls: the best thing about the SfEP conference (11 September 2019)
Customer service: it’s all about imagination (29 June 2019)
Wise owls: the best CPD I’ve ever done (11 June 2019)
Wise owls: a nugget of wisdom (2 April 2019)
Wise owls: 2019 (23 January 2019)
Wise owls: office companions (20 December 2018)
Wise owls: networking (10 October 2018)
Wise owls: expect the unexpected (6 September 2018)
Wise owls: freelance business goals for 2018 (23 January 2018)
Wise owls on editing non-fiction (30 November 2017)
SfEP wise owls: working with independent authors (5 May 2017)
Difficult authors: 14 tips for editors (11 April 2017)
17 ways to annoy an editor (9 April 2017)
SfEP wise owls: continuing professional development for experienced editors (7 December 2016)
SfEP wise owls: how to take (guilt-free) time off at Christmas (7 November 2016)
SfEP wise owls: one piece of getting started advice (14 September 2016)
Numbers for word people – SfEP conference session preview (3 July 2016)
Transferable skills and life lessons (25 June 2015)
The internet and the democratisation of English – Part 4: And, finally, (13 November 2014)
The internet and the democratisation of English – Part 3: Go home, spelling reform, you’re not needed here. (4 November 2014)
The internet and the democratisation of English. Part 2: Tear up the rule book? (21 October 2014)
The internet and the democratisation of English. Part 1: Power to the people (9 October 2014)

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